Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote in dc_rock_city,

New to the group and area

I just joined the group and decided to introduce myself. My name is Natasha, and I recently moved to Arlington. Originally, I am from Miami so I am pretty far from where I started.
When I found this group, I joined with the hopes of getting some recommendations on good places to hang out, hear some good music and meet people (inexpensively, as I am currently unemployed) since I sadly don't know a lot of people in the area.

In Florida, I used to attend a wide variety of shows often. I was very fond of reggae shows, goth/industrial/fetish clubs and electronic "raves". Since I rarely have a lot of money, one of the ways I would get in would be to offer to work the door or do photography.
Other music events I'd been known to frequent were punk shows, drum circles, folk concerts, tribal dance events, and even [after being bribed/dragged kicking and screaming] the occasional karaoke.

If anyone would be able to give me advise on where to get started looking for new and exciting places to go and people to meet in the area, I would be very appreciative!

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